Long Haul Goldens
Payment Page

   We are excited that you decided to adopt one of our golden retrievers.  We
 require you to contact us, either by phone or email, before any payment is
 accepted.  Here on this page you will be able to put down a deposit, pay the
 remaining balance to a deposit, or pay in full.  The deposit/full payment is non-
 refundable.  Any payments for shipping charges will be set up at the time
 of adoption, please contact us for more information.  And remember,  none of our
 puppies will leave our facility until full payment is received.  Again, thank you for
 adopting a puppy from
Long Haul Goldens.

Deposit                                Remaining Balance          -OR-          Full Payment
 $250.00                                $750.00                                           $1000.00
  Can be paid with                                     Can be paid with cash or                                          If paying in full, cash
  cash, credit, or check.                             credit.
(Checks not accepted                                         or credit is accepted.
                                                                     for remaining balance).                                                    (No checks accepted).