Long Haul Goldens'
Extended golden families
Mataya's 2009 Litter
When Monty and Mataya's puppies were residing in our home, their new adoption families sent emails on what they thought of their visit with us.  These are posted below.
Hi Stephanie and Scott,

Firstly, thank you for a wonderful visit yesterday. We were very impressed, based on some breeders we've recently met, with your professionalism, cleanliness and caring of your dogs and puppies. It was literally a breath of fresh air! We can't wait to make our puppy a part of our lives. We think we have picked "Brody" as his name. That could change though...I'll keep you posted!

It was great to meet you,


Good evening Stephanie and family,

We just wanted to thank all of you for giving my family and I such a great experience.  We enjoyed seeing all the puppies and interacting with them, as well as Mataya and Monty. It wasn't just the cuteness of the puppies that stole our hearts, but how you and your husband have such knowledge and a passion for these beautiful dogs.  When we left, we couldn't help but to go to a pet store and start selecting her new bowls, toys, and training guide. We're counting down the days to pick up our new baby and we obviously cannot wait. We have been through many debates between the four of us as to what we would be naming our puppy. We went from Maisy, to no Maisy, Nala, to Bailey, and we finally reached consensus of Ellie Mae. At your convenience, we look forward to you updating us with information and pictures of Ellie Mae and sending details on her progress.

Thanks once again-

Jerry, Teri, Joe, and Kaitlyn

Stephanie and Scott,

Here are those two pics with Darian and "Puppy"... I'm name surfing on the net right now. I'll let you know what I decide on.
   He's just so cute! I'm so glad I made the trip to meet you and that I got to pick out my new puppy. I'm so happy to have found him! Fergus really enjoyed the trip too (as long as he gets to be with "mommy" he's thrilled!).

Talk to you soon!


Hi Stephanie,

We are very excited about picking up and bringing home our new puppy on May 30th. We will be coming with 2 or 3 members of our family who are also beside themselves with excitement. We have been thinking really hard about what to call her and we have decided on the name Sydney. We even had a collar with her name stitched on it at the East Lansing Art Festival in a magenta color. We have been looking at your web sight with the pictures of the puppies. Sooooo cute! We appreciate the quality of care you give to your puppies and dogs and that makes us feel so good about our choice. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the 30th. It sounds like that will be a full and somewhat sad day for you and your family. We'll always keep you updated on Sydney's life with us.

Thanks again,

Lori, Ron, Mike and Stephanie

(Mike and Stephanie are our adult kids)
(I'm sure you'll agree that Stephanie is a great name.)

 Dear Stephanie and Scott,
  Little Aubrey is settling in really well.  He's met lots of people and is enjoying getting to play with his big brother, Fergus.  People who meet
 him remark at how (of course) adorable he is and how calm and cuddly (many have asked if they can hold him- there's nothing like puppy
 love!).  I want to thank you (and your boys) for giving him such a great start at socialization.  He is so well-adjusted. Oh, and within two days
 he managed to get up the stairs from the back door.   I'm attaching some photos from our visit to my favorite cafe - a very dog-friendly place
 (lucky for us!).  Well send more when I get some good ones.

 Thank you again!  Will keep in touch.

 Hi Stephanie, Scott and boys.

  We we so excited to hear that Alora had her puppies. We hope everyone is doing well. As you can imagine, Belle is growing like crazy. She is now 4
 months old and weighhs 32 pounds!!! She is doing great with training and has become a very special member of our family. She is still the crazy dog as
 Stephanie warned us about when we picked her up....she loves to do silly things. Here are a few recent pictures of her so you can see how beautiful
 she is and how much she has grown (there's a picture of ellie and belle at gabby's 13th b-day party--ellie has the red collar and belle has the green
 collar). She loves to be outside--cannot get her in the house most of the time....and loves her walks. She has somehow caught two birds already--
 haven't seen her catch them but did find her tossing them into the air and playing with them. She has lost about 6 teeth so far. She goes to the vet this
 Friday for her final set of shots and her rabies vaccination. Hope all is well with your family. Enjoy those puppies!!!

 Mary, Kevin, Raquel, Gabby & Belle                                                                                This update email was received on August 12th, 2009.

This is Aubrey.
This is Belle Anne.
 Hi Scott and Stephanie,

 We just wanted to send you some more updated pictures of Ellie from our latest camping trip, our annual family trip to Mackinaw,
 and a few of her around the house. Ellie is growing so fast and it is really hard to believe that she has been with us the whole
 summer. It seems like yesterday we were picking out Ellie and Belle. Ellie and Belle really love to be in eachothers company. Just
 recently was Joes 15th birthday party so they got to see eachother. It was too funny because when they got tired, they would start
 walking with eachother and roaming the yard(probably trying to get into some kind of mischief), but then as soon as we could get to
 the camera to take a picture, they would start playing again. We set up Ellies appointment to be spayed. She goes on September
 16th. We hate for the summer to end because she has been a huge part in our lives, especially Joes. He has trained her and been
 with her every day during the summer and I know that he really is going to miss his little girl and being with her every second of the
 day. Ellie loves her crate, but Joe keeps on trying to get her into his bed, with one day being successful. We have 5 of Ellie's teeth.
 They're so cute. We are getting really excited for you guys and for Shasta and Monty to have their litter and we are wondering if
 Shasta has a due date yet? We were also wondering how Alora and her litter are doing. I bet they are getting big.

 Thank you once again for giving us the great opportunity of having such a great dog in our lives. Every day is truly a blessing with her

 -Jerry, Teri, Mike, Joe, Kaitlyn, and Ellie   
                                                              This update email was received on August 31, 2009.

This is Ellie Mae.
 Hi Stephanie and Scott,
  I just wanted to give you a quick update on Brody.  He is adjusting wonderfully to our family and home.  He has not had an accident in the
 house since I talked to you!  We are keeping a vigilant eye on him and treating him every time he goes potty outside.  He has slept through
 the night for the past two nights!  He has also taken a liking to our laundry room, and loves to sleep on top of our shoes.

 Brody is an absolute joy, he is so calm and adjusts unbelievably well to every new situation so far!

This is Brody.
This is Gideon.
 Hi Stephanie,

  Just wanted to let you know that Gideon is doing great! He is currently in obedience training and the trainer said that he is the best dog she has ever
 seen. My family and I all went to the park and played football today, and I wanted to share some of the great pictures my daughter got of him. You
 can definitely see both of his parents in him. He is a fantastic dog, and a great addition to our family!

 Thank you!
 Cheri & Ernie                                                                                                                    This update email was received on August 30th, 2009.

This is Marley.
  Marley nibbling on hayden, jerako 
 and Presley glad it's not them!      

 Respectfully yours Cory
This is Olivia (a.k.a. Livi).
 Hi Stephanie and Scott,

 Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. Livi is doing great! I love her more and more each day! She is developing such a
 wonderful personality and she keeps me busy. We go on walks everyday and she is getting much better on a leash and gets very
 excited when I get her leash out. The pictures I attached are from about a month ago when I took her to the lake and she got to ride
 on the boat. She is definitely going to be a waterdog! I had her sleeping in a cage at night for the first month but now she is my
 nightly bed companion :) She likes to sleep right next to me on my pillows even though she is getting a little big for that area. Livi just 
 recently started teething and I have been finding her teeth around the house (and in my now extremely ruined air mattress :)

 She and Apollo (our English Bulldog) are best friends. They play together really well and when they get tired they sleep right next to
 each other. She used to look so small compared to him but now she towers over him with her long legs. He struggles to keep up with
 her when they run around the yard and it is comical to watch a 65 lb English Bulldog pup think he can move like a Golden Retriever
 puppy. She just had her last puppy examination and vaccines on Monday and she is very healthy and now weighs 40 lbs! She has
 been taking Omega 3 fatty acid vitamins for the last month because she had dry flaky skin and it is amazing how soft and shiny her
 adult coat is. She loves her Nutro Natural Choice food and gets especially happy when I mix it with the same kind of food only in the
 canned, wet version. Her next vet appointment will be getting her spayed, which our vet said we can do anytime now.
 I will try to get some more recent pictures sent soon!

 Thanks for everything!
 Kate                                                                                                                  This update email was received on August 26th, 2009.