Dear Stephanie,
 I just wanted to let you know what an absolute joy
 Tucker is! He is exactly what we wanted, kind, smart
 and so much fun! Have a great new year and good
 luck with your new litter.
 All the best

 This update email was received on
 Jan. 4th, 2009.

Long Haul Goldens'
Extended golden families
   Monday was adopted by Abbey and Mike. 
   I wanted to give you a quick update on Monday. She's doing so well and truly is the love of our lives.
 She's a great dog! Earlier this spring she and I took a course and test to become a registered Therapy
 Dog, we just missed passing due to Mondays exuberance to meet new people but they encouraged
 us to come back this fall and retest. I think after the great summer of training we're ready to go.
 Monday is naturally so well behaved and still loves to cuddle with her momma all the time. She's just
 a sweetheart.   I check your site periodically and can tell you have been making so many families
 happy like ours.

 All the best!

 Abbey                                                                          This update email was received on October 6th, 2009.


   I'm Annie, I adopted Jesse(aka, "sassy") awhile ago, in the spring time, I think, last year.  She is
  doing great!! She made  some friends, loves playing, likes to eat. she is also so big! (she definitely
 has her dads body) (she also has her moms face!)so cute!! She weighs around 85-100 lbs.  I'm 11
 now,  and I'm home schooled.  I'll keep you updated!!  Here's a picture of Jesse!  Oh, and we got
 a cat!  They sleep together!  The picture of Jesse is from last summer.  I'll try to give you a more
 recent one soon.
                                       This update email was received on  May 14th, 2009.
 Hi Stephanie,
  I am so sorry this reply has taken this long.  Good news though. Our golden is exactly
 what we had hoped for.  She is beautiful, loving and smart.  We named her Comet.  She
 handles command well- she sits, shakes, fetches.  We took her camping for 2 weeks in
 July and she had a ball.  She enjoyed swimming, long walks and just hanging around the
 campsite with the family.  She walks well on a leash but also is allowed to run at the
 park and  comes when she is called.  I just had her at the vet.  She weighs 59 pounds. 
 She gets along well with our other 2 dogs but likes to annoy the cat.  I will send
 send pictures soon.

 Hi Stephanie,

  We thought you might like a more recent photo of Harley. She is doing great. Very
 lovable, sweet and energetic. She loves to play frisbee, swim in the lake and go for
 car rides. We really enjoy her.

 Best wishes,

 Stephanie, Mark, Olivia, Luke, and Elise
                                                      This update email was received on October 9th, 2009.

  It is great to hear from you. Your site didn't show up anymore so I thought maybe you were out of business. Glad to see you aren't! Brizby is great! He is a
 beautiful dog and we get a lot of compliments. He learns quickly and has a wonderful temperament. We love having him in our family. We recently added a cat to
 the crew.  His name is Ziggy. Watching Briz adapt to him has been pretty funny. Ziggy is finally comfortable enough to let Brizby come near him. I know they will
 be great friends. Just as Rafiki (our maltese) and Brizby have become; they are like Mutt and Jeff and play together all of the time. We certainly don't mind if you
 use any pictures or updates of ours. Thanks for checking on us. Take care.

  Jessica, Bob, Brenden, Caroline, Rafiki, Brizby, and Ziggy 
                                                             This update email was received on August 17th, 2009.

 Hi Stephanie and Scott,

 Here are some recent pictures of Hunter that I
 thought you would enjoy.  He is getting very
 very big…  much bigger than we anticipated
 but we still love him.  He is growing by leaps
 and bounds.   Everybody that sees him
 comments on how they have never seen a 
 Golden quite that big.   We haven't been to
 the vet recently but I am sure he is close to 100
 lbs.  The first picture was our Christmas card
 that we sent out and the rest are from the last
 couple of weeks.   Hope you enjoy the pictures.

 Wishing you a happy holiday season.
 Brian, Lisa, and family

 This updated email was received on
 Dec. 26th, 2008.
Alora's 2008 Litter
 I just thought you would like to know EmJay is doing wonderful. He is an
 absolute joy to be around. He loves to play with his ball. He is just great  Thank
 you!!!! He is getting Big! I will send more pictures later but here is one.

 Thanks again,
 Mike and Jeanette 
                          This update email was received on Feb. 4th, 2009.

This is Brizby.
This is Monday.
This is Hunter.
This is Tucker.
This is Jesse.
This is Comet.
This is Harley.
This is Emjay.
  sorry that it took some time, i have been very busy.. Marley is a great dog. very
 needy golden loves snuggling. I remember you calling him young buck. Let me
 tell you he would win jumping championships. He has a big head neck and
 paws like his father, and very skinny like his mom. He still doesn't run away
 and i thank you for that. I had to buy a king size bed just so his huge body can
 get all sprawled out..

 keep in touch..

This update email was received on November 20th, 2009.

This is Marley.