Long Haul Goldens'
Extended golden families
Alora's 2009 Litter
This is Dexter.
 Scott and Stephanie,

 Just wanted to give you guys a little update on our puppy.  He is doing great! The dry skin issue has been slowly resolving after changing his food and
 adding fish oil to his food. He is 32 pounds and growing everyday! I have attached some pictures, a few from the first couple days home and a few
 more recent ones. He loves playing outside and with other dogs. He has been an absolute joy for us and we thank you again for such a great puppy!

 -Cathryn, Jeff and Dexter

This is Brandy.

 Everything is great my son and I named her Brandy. Thank you so much for a great puppy.


This is MacInnes.
 Hey Stephanie,

 I thought I would share some photos with you and update you on Mac's progress.  He has been a healthy, wonderful, and very happy puppy.   He has
 adjusted to the house and the U.P. very well and his training is progressing every day.  He loves to play fetch and understands come, sit, stay, and
 down quite well.  He has been an absolute joy and he was nearly completely house broken the first week!  He also does quite well at the dog park and 
 has been enjoying meeting new friends.  Anyways here are some photos I have collected over the past couple of months.

 Thanks again for such a wonderful dog and more photos to come!


 Dear Stephanie, Scott and Family,

   We hope you are all doing as well as Mark, Maizie and I. We can't thank you enough for providing us with such a beautiful, smart, loving pup.
 Everywhere we take her it seems we receive compliments on what a pretty puppy she is. We are so impressed with how well rounded she is. She
 does it all. Maizie loves to cuddle in the bed with us morning and night and makes the most out of the hours in between. She is a very smart pup and
 has caught on quickly in her puppy training classes. Maizie loves a party, especially with her fellow classmates. She spends the better part of the hour
 tumbling and jawing with them all. She especially loves her play dates with her pal, Cayenne (a 5 year old Golden). Maizie relishes in her daily walks
 and retrieves her harness to let us know it is time for her romp. The woods have proven to be Maizie's favorite place for a workout. Mark and I
 simply adore our pup and believe she is as happy with us as we are with her.

 Best Wishes,

 Mark, Jenny and Maizie

 P.S. I forgot to add that she is quite a big puppy - 42 lbs!!                                               This update email was received on December 17, 2009.

This is Maizie.
   Just wanted to contact you inregards to Owen.  Everything with him is going spectacular.  Upon picking him up, we took him to the vet the following
 day.  He was in great health besides a yeast infection in his ear.  We had to spend the last two weeks cleaning that, but as of Saturday, he is clean.  We
 were informed that we had to 'start the series of shots over again' so he recieved his first set already.
   Owen and our cat Zoe have been great together (besides him playing a little rough every now and again).  He has not gone potty in the house since
 the 4th day, he now goes to the door anytime he needs to go.  He is very good at that.  He has adapted to our schedule where he is asleep by 11pm,
 up at 6am, back to the cage at 8am, then out for the day at 5pm.  On the weekends he is funny, if it's a time where he normally is in his cage, he is a
 lazy dog and sleeps.  We had him this weekend with my sisters 90 & 80lb boxers, they got along very well.
   Overall, we are very happy and in love with him.  We look forward to him in the future.  I will include some pictures later, have been busy during the
 day at work and we don't spend much time on the computer at night.

This is Owen.
This is Jake.
 Hi Stephanie,

   Sorry for the delay in getting this to you.  Jake's adjusting to his new home well and has become a fast favorite of everyone (including our son's
 golden, Goose) and overall is doing great!   Nancy's already asking if we can come back in another year or so for a baby brother to Jake

 Bob and Nancy