Good evening!
 I just wanted to drop you a line and picture and let you know Jake is doing GREAT! He and our
 English Bulldog Tetley get along very good. Tetley is going on 7, so he doesn't quite have the
 energy to keep up with Jake, but he sure does try! I sure am glad Tetley went on that diet before
 we got a puppy!!! Our cat however still has not come around, but she's made out pretty well -
 she got a new multi-level luxury cat tower, so she can growl at him from 5 1/2 feet up. Poor Jake
 can't figure out why she won't play with him!
 Jake is really growing! At first I told my husband that Jake was just going through a growth spurt, but that was a couple months ago - he hasn't really
 stopped! He's up to 65lbs now, and he'll be 6 months old later this week. We knew when we got him and he was the biggest (he was BIG) puppy in
 the litter, we'd have a big boy!  He is such a sweetie, loves to cuddle, and loves hugs. He still tries to get on on my lap, but now only his head fits! He
 goes to work with Rob every day, so he's also quite the social pup and has lots of friends.
 Please give Alora and Monty an extra little treat and tell them it's from Jake. He's just perfect - they did a great job :-)
 Take care,
Long Haul Goldens'
Extended golden families
Alora's 2010 Litter
This is Jake Williams
 Hi Stephanie,

 It did take us a while but we finally all agreed on Sophie.  I call her Sophia but Sophie is her name.  We love her so much!!  She has
 adjusted so well and has been a great attribute to our golden that we already had.  She was a very shy, quiet, laid-back dog and Sophie has
 helped her "come out of her shell".  And then Abbie helps quiet Sophie down.  A good combination, they bring out the best in each other
 and made it very easy to train her.  She makes us laugh and we have great pictures I have got to send you.  They love to cuddle one
 another.  It's been fun and she's a wonderful addition to our home!

 Merry Christmas!
 Thanks again,

 Ann-Marie & Emily

This is Sophie (A.K.A. Sophia)
 Hey y'all,
 Let us start off by saying we definitely got the best lil puppy in the world! She is SO GOOD! We can count on one hand how many mess
 ups she's had in the house, she LOVES attention and loves to be loved, she learned to fetch by the 4th day we got her, she can balance a
 treat on her nose and catch it on command, she's slept in the bed with us since the 3rd night we got her, she's very obedient, she still
 barks at herself every night in the reflection of the window, she gets along amazingly with our other dog champ (she whines for him until
 he gets in the bed with us), she's never once chewed any furniture or anything other than a dog toy, she went for a walk at partidge creek
 as a bride for halloween (must have gotten petted 399 times), she loves the water, chases squirrels, and is the calmest, most gentle dog
 in the world. We love her! thank yall so much for her! :)
 -Mandy, Charlie, Champ, and Winnie

This is Winnie
 Hi Stephanie,
 Brandy is doing so well and growing so fast....thought I would pass along to you a good pic.


This is Brandy