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  Separation    Dogs with separation anxiety always follow their owners around the home, some
anxiety and     more so than others.
Teaching   It is very important to teach your dog to both share and release objects from his
give/drop   mouth when you request.
Teaching wait     It is extremely important to teach your dog to "wait"- both for your convenience
                                        and for his safety.

Come or Recall     Never punish your dog for coming to you! You want your dog to think that coming
                                          to you is the best thing in the whole world.

Destructive chewing   Puppies are especially destructive because they explore the world by putting things
                                                   in their mouths and chewing on them.

Handling exercises  Your puppy must associate restraint and human touch as a positive experience.
Socialization    Socialization is introducing your puppy to new things, positively forming future

Marker Words    With the use of a positive marker and negative marker, also referred to as no
                                     reward marker your dog will begin to understand and communicate with you.

Puppy/dog care    Vaccines, development, health concerns, nutrition.
Safety/kids/dogs  Animals are everywhere and though many are domesticated, this does not
                                        automatically make them safe. 

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 Being leader   Dogs need leaders. They operate on a "pack" system.
Boundaries    With a lot of persistence, consistency and know how, you can teach your dog to
                              stay within your boundaries - but don't think this will happen over night.

  Deterrants  Your dog will soon learn that barking uncontrollably or gnawing on chair legs is a
                              very undesirable behavior.

Dominance  Animals, who live in social groups, including domestic dogs and wolves, establish a
                            social structure called a dominance hierarchy within their group.

Housebreaking  When we housetrain our dogs, make use of their ability to learn when and where to

Attention seeking   If your dog is pestering or demanding attention of any sort - do not obey your dog.
Nipping/mouthing     This is one of the first problems your probably going to encounter with your puppy.
                                               Puppies explore everything with their mouth.

Digging   Dogs dig to escape from heat and cold, to excavate or bury bones, and sometimes
                        just for fun.

Loose Leash   From Large to very small dogs, all dogs seem to learn from an early age to pull on
       Walking     their leashes to get where they want to go.
Walking without    Preparation for heel.
Heel   The goal of "heel" is having your dog walk "nose to knee" on your left side after
               giving the "heel" command.

Jumping up   Most dogs jump on people out of excitement, friendliness and as a greeting or to
                                 seek attention.

Jumping on     Depending on Dominance, it is up to you if you would like your dog on your bed or
    furniture      furniture. 
Teaching down     Don't confuse this behavior with 'off'.
Teaching stay     Stay means that your dog should remain exactly in the position in which you left
                                        him until he is told he can move.

     Prevention of      Dogs have a natural instinct to guard objects of value.
guarding objects  
Teaching    This command comes in very useful. It can stop your dog from approaching a
  leave it    person or another dog.